Look out the window

Your usual 8th floor window view does not include people with cleaning materials hanging out the window. Since this does not happen on a regular basis we have decided to pull up the blinds so that we could take a look at them. Like little kids trying to get a good look at something interesting. We gave them a hearty wave but were ignored. It might be that they are a shy group or they are cautious not to make any sudden movements. One must learn to appreciate the kind of work that they do. Window cleaning is and art as well as a science. This job is not for everyone, not for the faint of heart. The job requires skillful hands, a good sense of balance and most importantly an absence of fear of heights. Even though they completely ignored our friendly waves, we understand that they have to take their job seriously or risk their life.

Hmm…. if Spiderman was real I don’t think they’d like him very much.

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