Cabbie with a GRUDGE!

Last week was transportation hell. During the holidays taxi drivers becomes the prima donna of the public transport group. They demand for extra pay and choose the area they want to go to. So, I was waiting for a cab and a few feet away from me is a lady also waiting for a cab. When the first cab crossed the intersection the lady hailed first so, I stepped back to let her take it. Unfortunately, the cab zoomed passed her and went straight to me. Since I was in a hurry I boarded the cab with out glancing at the her. I felt ashamed to have stolen her ride. When I was comfortably seated, the cab driver suddenly said

nakita mo yung babae na yon. Di ko na yon pasasakayin. Kilala ko siya. Nilagpasan ko talaga e. tignan ko kung hahabulin niya ako. Akala niya, tinandaan ko mukha niya.”

Shocked by this revelation, I quietly asked the cab driver what happened. He quickly replied.

“sinakay ko yan isang beses. My ngaabang din babae na baba sa bababaan niya. Sinabi ko pasakayin na natin nakakaawa naman e pareho naman kayo ng bababaan. Ayaw niyang pumayag. Hati naman sila sa bayad a. Tinandaan ko mukha niya. Di ko na siya pasasakayin."

With this revelation, the only thing that I was able to say was “ohhhh...” when I got my office building. I gave the cabby extra 10 bucks to make sure that he won’t include me on his “Most Hated Passengers" List. Well, that was an cab experience I wont forget. So what is the moral lesson of the story? Never go against the driver’s wishes... you'll never know who is out for revenge!
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