The Grudge!!!

Last Saturday, my cousins and I went out to watch a movie, we were suppose to see this local comedy flick that everyone swears to be hella funny. Unfortunately, the cinema didn't have it on their list. So, we were left with 2 "horror " movies, the Grudge III and Final Destination. Well, we ended up watching The Grudge III. I guess we all needed a good scare.

We were late so we slowly crept in and found a good spot. When we were settled, we made quite a racket while trying to dig into the snacks that we bought. For 2 mins all I could hear was the rustling sound of plastic, giggles and the sudden shush from J who was a little embarrassed by the ruckus.

The almost empty theater was filled with our giggles and muffled shrieks because the movie SUCKED! Although, the movie sucked it was still able to startle me.There were times when I would jump off my seat and the worst part was I'd get startled during at the sane parts of the film.I was over anticipating, I guess.How embarrassing!

In between munches my cousins would whisper random comments like. "look at Toshio,he's all grown up!" , "here comes the powdered people ", " she came out of the painting", "I never imagined her wrapped in plastic".

Finally, the movie reaches its final scene, at the final scene Kayako suddenly appears which makes a clear indication of a part 4. Good Luck!

The movie really sucked but the best part of the whole experience was the giggles, the muffled shrieks and the whispered comments.
A sucky movie + people you grew up with = Priceless!

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